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Casino Games: Between Online Entertainment and Money Making

Few industries are so controversial – and heavily regulated – as online gambling. The one involving real money wins, of course – not social casinos that charge players for in-game currency and perks, without the intention of ever paying out a dime to them. Online casinos are outright banned in many countries, depriving players of being able to choose their own preferred form of online games – or directing them toward land-based gaming venues, built to make their players feel like playing more. There are entire movements – especially in the United States – that fight to keep all forms of online gambling off limits, lobbying to ban the industry at a federal level. The reasons often invoked by these groups are underage gaming, addiction, and other similar claims – often with little to no scientific basis.

A recent study, in turn, has shown that online casinos, in general, have much more in common with entertainment than any land-based gaming establishment ever had.

How does an online casino player play?

Residents of most European countries are free to join the Euro Palace mobile casino for gaming on the go, or from home for that matter, whenever they please. They don’t need to commit any money to their gaming habit either – they can play all the games at the Euro Palace, on mobile or otherwise, completely free of charge. And if they decide to make a deposit, the Euro Palace makes their deal sweeter with tons of benefits: deposit bonuses, occasional free spins, and access to some of the most amazing specials month after month. All this at a reputable gaming destination with the utmost security and privacy measures in place (the Euro Palace runs on an MGA license, and undergoes periodical audits that check its safety and fairness).

How much does an online casino player lose?

Well, this depends on individual gaming habits – but the best answer would be “not much”.

According to a study conducted in 2014 by the Harvard Medical School’s Division on Addiction (the first real, comprehensive study on internet betting, with a large enough sample), an average online casino player loses about 5.5% of all money wagered. There are, of course, individuals that wager amounts that far exceed the average, but their percentage is low – only about 4%.

How about addiction?

Let the words of Howard Shaffer and Ryan Martin, former staff members at Harvard’s Division on Addiction, shed some light on the proportion of gambling addiction in the age of online casinos: “contrary to predictions derived from the exposure model, the prevalence of PG [pathological gambling] has remained stable or been influenced by adaptation during the past 35 years despite an unprecedented increase in opportunities and access to gambling.” Online casinos have been first launched only about two decades ago.

The Verdict: Entertainment (with a twist)

Online casinos have their dangers, but all things considered, they are much more a form of entertainment than anything else they are blamed for being. What makes them special is the fact that players who commit real money to their games have the chance to actually win – unlike in the case of other casual games.

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